UI and UX, two terms that are mistakenly used as synonyms. The difference between UI and UX is that UX, or user experience, is all about how users experience the use of an application or website, while UI, or user interface, is the presentation of information or look and feel of an application. User experience designers focus on enhancing the customer interactions and experience as a whole, while UI developers translate product design and content into a responsive and interactive interface.
Design Trends: User experience has become an essential part of designing and developing great websites and applications. Below are just some of the most popular design trends in the last couple of years that have been impacted by the integration of user experience web and application design and development.
Minimalist Interface
2017 found itself in the peak of minimalist designs; minimal graphics, generous white spaces, and clean lines became the most prominent design features of applications and websites, and it seems that the trend will continue to be all the rage. Minimalis design ensures that the

focus is on the content and supplements the experience with convenient navigation and clear visual communication.
Gamification: This trend puts emphasis on integrating game mechanics into non-game environments, such as learning and fitness apps that track progress and milestones to encourage continued use. Aside from milestone and progress tracking, challenges are also incorporated into the design flow, which aims to promote more interaction between user and application.
Tools and Technologies: All these UI/UX design trends won’t be realized without the tools and technologies that UI/UX developers utilize. Outlined below are the major tasks that user experience designers and UI developers accomplish and the most popular tools that they use.
Best Practices: The fundamental aspects that bring these design trends and tools and elevate them to these level of popularity and standards are the UI/UX developers. Below are just some of the UI design and user experience tips that developers found to be effective when used to improve the user experience of websites and applications.